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A new kind of tech fatigue has set in. Novelty has become a blur.

Cuurio guides brands to innovation opportunities in a flooded and fragmented market. Cuurio's intelligent platform ensures brands stay current and move more quickly to narrow in on partnerships that align to strategic goals and target their consumers' interests.

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Cuurio brings order to the rapidly expanding tech landscape, turning a river of partnership options into tagged and searchable buckets of opportunity.


Cuurio surfaces unique partnership opportunities grounded in our exclusive awareness of each startup's roadmap and capabilities.


Cuurio's cross-team dashboard fosters collaboration + interconnectedness among brand innovation efforts.


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Tell your brand story to consumers through the channels they care about.

Cuurio provides strategic intelligence on startups and emerging technology to inspire smart native advertising for brands via partnerships. Cuurio's strategists and learning algorithm cuurate startups that target demographics to synch with your brand's designated goals. Cuurio also streamlines the partnership process to ensure quick activations.

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Startups + Emerging Tech

Your product is unique and deserves exposure to brands that can drive user acquisition and awareness. Let Cuurio create context for your startup with brand + agency stakeholders seeking to partner for memorable consumer experiences. Control your Cuurio page by adding your latest product screenshots, case stories, press showcase, + contact info with support from Cuurio's editorial team every step of the way. We're looking to you to be responsive when brands reach out.


An incredible global ecosystem powers Cuurio

Our Team

We are an all-lady gang of 6 with 4 full-time in NYC

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Lexie Kier

Lexie Kier is Cuurio's founder and CEO. She left a senior strategy role at Vaynermedia to found Cuurio in March 2013 to help brands find clarity, context, and connection in a rapidly-fragmenting emerging tech landscape. Prior, Lexie led digital and social strategy for brands like Canon, FedEx, Fisher Price, Green Mountain Coffee, Intel, Kraft Foods, Mondelez, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, Takeda, and Zappos at leading agencies (Vaynermedia, 360i / Dentsu, and Omnicom). She is an active startup advisor and mentor, a rusty developer + design geek, as well as a collector of eclectic + eccentric vintage eyeglasses!

Kelly Hoey heel

Kelly Hoey

Kelly Hoey is the Chief Marketing Officer at Cuurio. She is an angel investor and is active in the startup community as an accelerator mentor, startup advisor, board member, and thought leader. Kelly has built key platforms for spotlighting innovation and trends with Apple and Google, for whom she curates monthly panels. In 2011, Kelly co-founded Women Innovate Mobile (WIM), the first tech accelerator program for mobile tech startups with gender diverse founding teams. According to Fast Company, she’s one of the smartest women on Twitter and according to Forbes, she’s an up-and-comer at age 48!

Helen Cho dinosaur

Helen Cho

Helen L. Cho is Cuurio’s VP of Strategic Partnerships. She has 10+ years of global experience in marketing and branding, consumer behavior, and communications. Helen has led strategy for Unilever, Volkswagen, Samsung, and Grey Goose in Asia. Helen returned stateside in 2012 to help found StrategyHack – a hackathon for startups’ marketing – as a way to catalyze the New York tech community. She continues to serve as Lead Dinosaur on their Executive Team. Helen has been featured in the New York Times for competing in the National US Memory Olympics. She can solve a Rubik's cube in <3 minutes!

Aisha Green yoga

Aisha Green

Aisha Green is Cuurio’s front-end developer. She has been programming for 4+ years with fluency in Ruby, Sinatra, Bootstrap, HAML, SASS, Javascript, Rails, HTML. With a passion for responsive design and grid systems, Aisha is active in the New York City tech community as a development instructor / mentor as well as a hackathon participant. She has also developed for Loudly – a startup developing an emotive speech synthesis API for game developers, and for the WIM Accelerator. Aisha is a lover of SASS and is growing Cuurio's SaaS platform with yogic zen + her signature sass!

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Gunther Sonnenfeld
CIO, Faveeo / Partner, K5 Launch
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Leslie Campisi
Managing Director, Hotwire PR USA
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Len Kendall
Founder, CentUp
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Chris Chesebro
Asst VP, Digital Marketing, L'Oréal Paris
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Jess Seillheimer
CMO, Birdi / Founder + CSO, Cretegic
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VP, Critical Mass

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